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Reduce IT support costs, increase user loyalty, and safeguard stable system performance with our team of experienced IT support engineers.

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Support & Care

IT Support With Smithy Software

To shield our customers from exploits, we've been maintaining private forks of older Rails versions for many years.

Remote it support

We will review the application within 72 hours.

20 hours within 6 months.

You can contact us with any question at any time.


We will review the application within 24 hours.

Ensure minimal downtime, excellent performance, and availability.

You can contact us with any question at any time.


We will review the application and resolve the issue ASAP within a few minutes from the moment it is received.

A dedicated specialist will be assigned to the project.

Extention of the time frames: Tech support works while you are resting - extending time frames by remote SmithySoft® specialists.

Long Term Support for Ruby on Rails 2.3, 3.2, 4.2, and 5.2

rails 2.3Community supportCommunity supportSmithySoft supportSmithySoft support
rails 3.2Community supportSmithySoft support
rails 4.2Community supportSmithySoft support
rails 5.2Community supportCommunity supportSmithySoft supportSmithySoft support
rails 6.1Community support
rails 7.XCommunity support

After some years of use, older versions of the Ruby on Rails framework are considered expired. It means that the Rails volunteer support team is no longer going to provide fix-patches for critical security incidents.

When community support for a certain version of Rails ends, SmithySoft® takes over the maintenance and continues to provide security protocol fixes. When the official Rails security list updates with the new advisory or when it is communicated directly to us, we will fix the defense weakness and release a new SmithySoft® gems version.

Top Reasons to Use LTS

Shield icon

Eliminate vulnerability

Rails security breaches happen up to several times a year. Prevent data violations and protect yourself from liability with constant updates of security protocols with SmithySoft® Support.

Zero icon

Zero conflict

SmithySoft® Support is a 100% Ruby on Rails replacement with minimal changes to your application code. One should keep in mind that the following requirements must be met to implement the SmithySoft® Support.

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Compatible with modern versions of Ruby

It is known that migrating from Ruby 1.8.7 to Ruby 2.5 can affect in performance of web applications increase up to 4 times. Migrating with the SmithySoft® Support provides the same effect.

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Update when you feel like it

Keeping up with the Ruby updates is often quite costly. SmithySoft® Support gives you the freedom to choose when you are ready to upgrade to a new version. Moreover, not feeling obligated to upgrade at all if you are comfortable with your version.

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Strong default settings

SmithySoft® Support has additional security features out of the box to provide intelligent and efficient security enhancements, which will suit most applications.

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Achievement list

We've been supporting Rails, extending the life of older versions since 2012.

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