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Our Guidelines in Work

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We Are In This Together
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We are a team and take collective responsibility for the code we create. There’s no place for individuals withdrawing. Sure, each of us has different involvement due to levels of expertise. However, when one developer ships code, we all celebrate it, and we all do our part to support it in the future.

We Follow "The Rails Way"

We put our stakes on the Rails as the greatest way to follow. Ruby and Rails is the best "boring" combination that suits our vision, goals, and skills. We’ll always choose those tools and patterns first in a pragmatic approach. However, we’ll bring in new ideas where we see value in them. Following "The Rails Way" enables us to ship features quickly and with the minimum amount of stress by keeping the codebase well-organized, predictable, and coherent.

Investing In New Tech

The Rails are great but not almighty and we will never stop exploring new technologies. We make practical bets on solutions to sensitive problems we have right now. However, problems do not predetermine a solution, even if the solution is the most popular to solve certain problems.

We Don't Mess With Success

We code, then test, then release. If it works, then it's done. If it's not perfect now no one says it can't be perfect at all but now it is already good if it satisfies our client. We will work on it more to try and make it perfect, will kill all the bugs, but the main thing is not to do excessive tasks that will bring only hassle and no result.

Sticking To Boring Old-School

We choose "boring" technologies – reliable and proven, such as Postgres and Rails.

There Is No Progress Without A Challenge

We challenge and question each other because the truth is born in a dispute. Having healthy arguments from time to time is a great way to reach a better decision. We learn to listen to each other’s viewpoints respectfully, explain our decisions, weigh the pros and cons, empathize with differing viewpoints, look for consensus, and ultimately agree on a decision — even if it did not match initial thoughts. We argue the tech points, not the personal traits, and we try to keep these discussions meaningful.

Trust Is A Must

The team cannot exist without mutual trust. We’re trusted to get our job delivered, to do what we say we’ll do, to work with our best effort, to make our best decisions, and we’re trusted not to abuse the autonomy we’re given. In turn, we trust that others will do the same.

We Offer

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The ability to work remotely and a flexible work schedule

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Competitive income

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Opportunities for professional growth and mentoring

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Compensation for the costs of specialized training and improving the level of English proficiency

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100% reimbursement of the cost of passing profile certifications (including AWS)

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Sponsoring participation in professional conferences

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Corporate library

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Knowledge-sharing atmosphere

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